Sound&ResearchCreation (2021)
produced by Dr. Petra Klusmeyer
University of the Arts Bremen

S&RC LOOPHOLES is a mini-series of quick, sharp & feisty podcasting by students of Petra Klusmeyer’s »Research-Creation, Art Writing, and the Making of Podcasts« of HfK Bremen. Quick means fast turn-around of an idea drawn from the student’s art writing; not overthink but craft ‘loopholes’ through practice. Sharp means intelligent, unexpected; encounter surprises. Feisty means a 60-second sonic output specific to the student’s art practice & research-creation, maybe quirky and with an edge. 

Loophole #1
»I’m Interested Only in What’s Not Mine« by Bruno Barrenha

Loophole #2
»Lost in Transcription« by Sina Buttmann

Loophole #3
»50 seconds« by Virginia Argentero

Loophole #4
»Yellow, White, Purple, Black« by Ivett Kállai

Loophole #5
»Blue« by Elizaveta Vasileva

Loophole #6
»Untitled« by Stéphane Krust

Loophole #7
»Safe Spaces« by Abdulghaffar Tammaa

Loophole #8
»Space-Time-Mattering Center« by Müge Pelin Sen. 

MODULATIONS ON THE FLY is a series of resonances in sound, art, and philosophy. In the episodes, students of Petra's »Sound Studies | Research-Creation« classes at HfK Bremen continue to explore the sonic in its material and conceptual dimension. The podcasts will show you how

Modulation #23 by Bruno Barrenha
»Waiting for a Train« draws on found footage film techniques to combine and arrange sounds. Through bricolage, copying, and creative interference, the piece was created entirely from a variety of audiovisual material available on the Internet. It intertwines references of sound culture and presents a suspended space-time of a train platform.

Sword Swallowing (2020)
electroacoustic composition

Emulating subtle and almost unhearable noises of an internal human body, a body made of sounds comes into existence. Since its formation, this body deforms itself until the total destruction.

Foley / Editing / Effects - Bruno Christofoletti Barrenha
Foley Recordist - Benjamin Schlemmer

Made as part of the course Elektroakustik in den Künsten.
Supervised by Prof. Kilian Schwoon. 

∆ (2018)
ambient, album 40’

Recife Cidade Aberta (2017)
mixed media, interactive sound map 100’

Comichão.prurido (2017)
experimental, album 20’

MIOPIA (2016)
experimental, album 35’

Sound recording for films
Meninas Formicida (2017) | Boom OperatorShort film. Produced by Les Valseurs with the support of CNC and Arte.
Directed by João Paulo Miranda Maria | Head of Department: Léo Bortolin.
Premiered at the 74th Venice Biennale – Orizzonti: Concorso cortometraggi (Italy).
Best Sound at 19º Festival Kinoarte and 11º Curta Taquary (Brazil).

Command Action (2015) | Sound Mixer, Boom OperatorShort film. Produced by Kino-Olho.
Directed by João Paulo Miranda Maria | Head of Department: Léo Bortolin.
Premiered at the 68th Cannes Film Festival – Semaine de la Critique (France).
Best Sound at 48º Festival de Brasília and 8º Curta Taquary (Brazil).