Exponential Extensions (2023)
– The Dynamic Archive/Version Room
Bruno Christofoletti Barrenha, Marie Siekmann, and Harm Coordes

CIRCA 106 (Centrum for international Research and Collaborative Art)
Bismarckstraße 106 / Bremen, Germany

23.02. – 26.02.2023

Version Room is a program by The Dynamic Archive that takes place throughout the year in the exhibition space Circa 106, Bremen. In line with the context of Circa 106, The Dynamic Archive sets out to discuss, probe, and develop questions of collaborative work and sharing.

In the exhibition Exponential Extensions, the artists explore the boundaries between physical and digital, speed and stagnation, yesterday and tomorrow. This exhibition also seeks to challenge traditional notions of space by producing a temporary center – a spacelessness – where multiple expressions can coexist in a single moment. Through a combination of visual and sound art, text, accumulation and appropriation of everyday objects, the artists will explore themes of authenticity, identity, memory, and the human experience in the form of a multimedia installation.

All photos by Jimmy Liu.